Janitor HUMILIATED By Co-Worker, Lives To Regret It | Dhar Mann

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00:00 Janitor Humiliated By Co-Worker, Lives To Regret It
11:53 Recommended Video To Watch Next

Idea By: Kayla Skipper and Dhar Mann
Written By: Dhar Mann
Director: Rushikesh Bhadane
Editor: Grant S. Swanson
Casting Associate: Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar
Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana
Sound: Noel Palacios
Pedro - Jonathan De La Torre
Josh - Sherwin Arae
Cook 1 - Colin Borden
Cook 2 - Maggie Gagliardi
Chef - James Troup
Cook 3 - Ruby Gonzales
Cook 4 - Steven N. Bradford

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  • Dhar Mann
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    Hi #DharMannFam, did you know you can text me at 213-212-4550 or click this link bit.ly/2xXgraR and I’ll add you to my texting fam for daily inspirational messages. Also, for exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here: bit.ly/2Kcbgs2

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    We’re not just making stories we’re changing lives who’s lives r u changing

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    @ZlatBurger Plays 75

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    You did it again Dhar Mann another amazing video with a great moral message.

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    Is there gonna be a part two

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    The guy never watched "Ratitouille"

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    Me and my cousin were at the park and some kid ran up and threw her 300 dollar fursuit over the fence and they kept calling her a faget please make a video about this and how it's wrong my cousin hasn't gotten someone to stand up for her except for me so please help people realize

  • AyliviaNuggs
    AyliviaNuggs9 orë më parë

    Hey dhar can you please make a video about furries and how they get so much hate

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    chu papi

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    Yo his laugh is so bad it sounds so not real but good video

  • ClubMurda
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    The look at Josh’s face at 10:59. That man looks like he just played himself.

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    Main idea:SALT

  • Jamine sony Morgan
    Jamine sony Morgan13 orë më parë

    hay josh can you please take out the trash and hurry up because the floor isn't gonna mop itself (GOOD JOB SERVES HIM RIGHT) as my Great gran Aunt always said when i was growing up in the 70s and 80s it NEVER PAYS TO BE A (SMART ARSE) BECAUSE THINGS CAN (ALWAYS) TURN THE (OUTHER) WAY NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO OR (WHAT YOU SAY)

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    I love the video. The only thing missing is a look of Pedro past. And how he learn to cook. And explains about the food he make. It will make the video more personal.

  • mini GABUSHA
    mini GABUSHA21 orë më parë

    3:33 yes because you didn't even fuckingbtry it to see if it needs salt you fucling amateur

  • Fuzion Fan2345
    Fuzion Fan234522 orë më parë

    Pedro is a great guy not a good for nothing janitor.And i think that he sabotaged pedro.

  • Essam Gossiel
    Essam Gossiel22 orë më parë

    Notice the look on Jen's face when Josh claimed that he made the sliders, as if she was saying "you lying piece of crap".

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    Wow janitor to head chef that is totally logical

  • Zig_Zaagin
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    If he crumpled up the paper and then tossed it into the trash how would the inside be stained???? 😉

  • Arianny Alejo Grullon
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    "Uh I dont think Im supposed to-" "Thanks your the best"

  • GordonReeman2020
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    You should always be kind to everyone, Even the ones that bullied you

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    Everybody listen you would have be crazy to hate dhar mann am I right dhar?

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    Just this guy is being mean how do you self is being mean to the janitor

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    I have school and one of my classmates is name Pedro 😬😯😲

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    damn he got VIOLATED at the end

  • Honeydew
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    I understand how he feels some people jist belittles others n tk credit for something they dnt deserve

  • Asmir Asani
    Asmir AsaniDitë më parë

    If i was the janitor and he doesn’t leave me alone i would punch him on the face

  • Benjamin Conway
    Benjamin ConwayDitë më parë

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  • Gamer Playes
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  • بب يي
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    Karma is real😂

  • Gachas 2358
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    Me at the end: * ✨ oohhhh yassss Pedro 😌✨✨✨slay kingggggg 👑💅💅*

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    Other employes:janitor to chef Josh:chef to janitor

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  • toxiclipstick
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    Don't be a janitor then bro. It isn't a good job. when i go to the stores i always throw things at the janitor to watch them pick it up lol

  • Themplugryry
    Themplugryry2 ditë më parë

    Josh- Janitors well NEVER BE A COOK -Pedro in his mind-Boi you just mad because u know we the best cook here

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  • Zoeys HORSE CLUB
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    Would be funny if Josh gets fired?

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    Omg. Who really goes around saying "So you see!" Holy crap.

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    I wanna be a chef when I’m older it’s my dream job

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    Pedro's actor has a super satisfying voice

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    Actually by the end of the video you’re gonna be cleaning

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    It would have been even funnier if Pedro asked josh to take out the trash and his meatballs

  • Lena Omar
    Lena Omar3 ditë më parë

    This is like a shorter version of ratatouille

  • Patricia Rodriguez
    Patricia Rodriguez3 ditë më parë

    he liked cooking, his passion was cooking, his dream was cooking, he was a janitor because he needed a job, like everyone else!!!! Follow your dreams, people!!!

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    The reason that guy puts a lot of salt on things, Is because he is salty

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