Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (Lyrics)


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  • FutureHype
    FutureHype13 ditë më parë

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  • Andjelija Maric

    Andjelija Maric

    47 minuta më parë


  • noafd1123


    3 orë më parë


  • Umida Mirsanova

    Umida Mirsanova

    4 orë më parë


  • Marie S

    Marie S

    5 orë më parë

    11 👌🏾♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Sahil Reddy

    Sahil Reddy

    19 orë më parë

    10 bro its fire

  • Emre Elmastas
    Emre Elmastas33 minuta më parë

    I tought it was cooking chicken with your friends😂😂

  • kaleb whiten
    kaleb whiten56 minuta më parë

    This song makes me want to play fortnite

  • Coupon
    CouponOrë më parë

    I remember the pole dance lmaoooo

  • no one
    no one2 orë më parë


  • Gabbie 19
    Gabbie 192 orë më parë

    Everyone: **twerking** Me who does not know how: **Lookin' like I be havin a seizure while takin a shit**

  • Elisa Gürsoy
    Elisa Gürsoy5 orë më parë

    Hele şükür buldum bu şarkıyı

  • mikill220
    mikill2207 orë më parë


  • Wendy Torres
    Wendy Torres9 orë më parë


  • Ethan Lerat
    Ethan Lerat9 orë më parë

    Anyone els hear the Demonic voice behind the “ Call me when you can - Call me when you want’ Call me by your name” ?

    SYAIFUL STORE10 orë më parë

    ini kah? Yg di tt

  • Deino Suchus
    Deino Suchus12 orë më parë

    good work

  • Kirxa
    Kirxa14 orë më parë

    I love this song just not the video

  • destiny franklin
    destiny franklin15 orë më parë

    he is weird i hate this men he should not put this on here this is inappropriate and not for kids at all i think this song should be taken down right now.This nasty.!!

  • karen Aubry
    karen Aubry15 orë më parë

    this shit hit

  • Mari Yah
    Mari Yah16 orë më parë

    I love this song beat 100000000/10 singing 1000000000/10

  • Zeta Xd
    Zeta Xd16 orë më parë

    This song is a masterpiece of the music

  • P Pazser109
    P Pazser10918 orë më parë


  • Tecla Christopher
    Tecla Christopher18 orë më parë

    No more explanation ...lil nas x I love you ....

  • Scribbfish
    Scribbfish19 orë më parë

    Here at 3 pm est to twerk

  • Shotgun Mitten
    Shotgun Mitten19 orë më parë

    Where is the “ fuck it let’s ride”

  • Wael Etta
    Wael Etta19 orë më parë

    Amazing 💖💖💖

  • Akeos
    Akeos19 orë më parë


    QUION MORGAN20 orë më parë

    You a Maki boy

  • Shersad Jamal Ali
    Shersad Jamal Ali20 orë më parë

    0:42 idk

  • Manon Ivoula
    Manon Ivoula21 orë më parë


  • Tony Armstrong
    Tony Armstrong21 orë më parë

    Songs dope and I haven’t watched the video because I don’t want to go into the politics for now. I just want to genuinely enjoy the song for the sound for now

  • Dh Tj
    Dh Tj21 orë më parë

    This is better to me, the music video was odd lol

  • Ishat Ahmed
    Ishat Ahmed21 orë më parë

    the song is BOMB but the mv is ASTAQFIRULLAH

  • LittleGamerUwU OFC
    LittleGamerUwU OFC22 orë më parë

    pratically 18+ ;w;

  • ALENA CURTIS (Student)
    ALENA CURTIS (Student)22 orë më parë

    the fact that my school laptop isn't blocking this

  • Connor Menke
    Connor Menke22 orë më parë


  • Pietro Nimesha
    Pietro Nimesha23 orë më parë


  • Muhammad Danial
    Muhammad Danial23 orë më parë

    This song is awesome, but the music video is too creepy😔✊

  • Historia Reiss
    Historia ReissDitë më parë

    **twirking because its Lil Nas's birthday**

  • β Γ μ Η

    β Γ μ Η

    23 orë më parë

    Haha, damn.

  • • Luis Hilton •
    • Luis Hilton •Ditë më parë

    I love this song but i still support God and Jesus

  • Next Plus
    Next PlusDitë më parë

    Hmm the lyric not satanic But the video clip is like DEVIL ASS HOLE SHIT 😰

  • Marin Stanić
    Marin StanićDitë më parë


  • Galaxy The star fox
    Galaxy The star foxDitë më parë

    100000000000000000/10 cause it rocks! :D

  • Lilly Gamer
    Lilly GamerDitë më parë

    but the song is AMAZING its my new fav

  • Lilly Gamer
    Lilly GamerDitë më parë

    at the end he is lime smeauh smssm m u

  • The Revolting Fudge
    The Revolting FudgeDitë më parë

    i can’t get this out of my head

  • Brandon Calvilo
    Brandon CalviloDitë më parë

    When you're white and trying so hard not to say nigg** when singing

  • devilish personality
    devilish personalityDitë më parë

    why did he, kind of, took that line from dominic fikes song "3 nights" ?

  • Alexandru Enache
    Alexandru EnacheDitë më parë

    I love the part when he's saying "call me when you want, call me when you want Call me in the morning"😌

  • All jojos are the best
    All jojos are the bestDitë më parë

    This song is fucking fire but the clip traumatised me

  • WellMeyNameIsMuchMuchLongerThanYoursh HahahahaahahS
    WellMeyNameIsMuchMuchLongerThanYoursh HahahahaahahSDitë më parë

    More confortable with lyric video instead of the offical video

  • yessie vega
    yessie vegaDitë më parë

    this song is fire but i dont like the video

  • mailo ajpw
    mailo ajpwDitë më parë

    I caught it bad just today you hit me with a call to your place Ain’t been out in a while anyway was I hopin I could catch you throwin smiles in my face

  • mailo ajpw
    mailo ajpwDitë më parë

    I caught it bad just today you hit me with a call to your place

  • prince
    princeDitë më parë

    you linda forget how weird it is without seeing the video

  • Shucky Ducky
    Shucky DuckyDitë më parë

    100% pure Crap. Case closed.!!

  • Baby's are Tasty
    Baby's are TastyDitë më parë

    Reading the Bible after this

  • Rosalinda Midford
    Rosalinda MidfordDitë më parë

    All his songs are bops, watching it in lyrics because i support the music but not the musician ✋😩💔💔💔

  • CrazyMarioBros
    CrazyMarioBrosDitë më parë


  • CrazyMarioBros
    CrazyMarioBrosDitë më parë


  • Vinus Johnson
    Vinus JohnsonDitë më parë

    There is literally nothing bad with this song but the video is crap

    USAID SAEEDDitë më parë

    I actually like 2mins songs. They are the best

  • Grace Williams
    Grace WilliamsDitë më parë

    1:53 imma need more instagram editors to hop on this part

  • Stunna Gang
    Stunna GangDitë më parë

    The lyrics traumatized me 😭💀

  • Anthony Fraley-Markley
    Anthony Fraley-MarkleyDitë më parë


  • Kaix7_
    Kaix7_Ditë më parë

    The only reason I'm here is because the music video makes me uncomfortable😭💀

  • Caijanee Springette
    Caijanee SpringetteDitë më parë

    Its genuinely a good song but the video throws me off and make me uncomfortable ....I lowkey wish it wasn't so damn demonic!!

    ACE YOUDitë më parë


  • alzain alenezi
    alzain aleneziDitë më parë

    who is watching the lyrics only bc you watched a clip of him making out with The Devil

  • alzain alenezi

    alzain alenezi

    Ditë më parë

    @Yøūr løcãl sīmp OKAY I will delete the emoji

  • Yøūr løcãl sīmp

    Yøūr løcãl sīmp

    Ditë më parë

    @alzain alenezi ok , not all of us support but try to keep stuff to yourself please ✨

  • alzain alenezi

    alzain alenezi

    Ditë më parë

    @Yøūr løcãl sīmp bc it's disgusting for me and he can be gay he's free

  • Muphesta
    MuphestaDitë më parë

    Nobody gonna notice the masterpiece of "a sign of the times, every time that I speak"?

  • Oleg Cabak
    Oleg CabakDitë më parë

    Such a shame that it is a gay song

  • sleepy sherb

    sleepy sherb

    Ditë më parë

    i mean he's gay-

  • Martha Kabanos

    Martha Kabanos

    Ditë më parë

    So? Does that make you "Uncomfortable"?

  • //SAKURA\\
    //SAKURA\\Ditë më parë

    may lil nas x go to hell

  • gavin hodson
    gavin hodsonDitë më parë

    why is it so catchy???

  • gavin hodson
    gavin hodsonDitë më parë

    1:09 wut

  • β Γ μ Η

    β Γ μ Η

    23 orë më parë


  • Vape Cat

    Vape Cat

    Ditë më parë


  • gavin hodson
    gavin hodsonDitë më parë

    1:9 wut

  • Blueberry Boi
    Blueberry BoiDitë më parë

    The song is a bop, the music video is interesting...

  • 1000th Boy
    1000th BoyDitë më parë

    Love this song, got a ring to it

    ꧁ HEAVENLY HOT DEL REY ꧂Ditë më parë

    why ya’ll so tripppin’ this song is lit

  • Pietro Nimesha
    Pietro NimeshaDitë më parë

    this shit soooooo fireeeee omgggggggggg my ass do be burning, cheers

  • Irene Mendoza
    Irene MendozaDitë më parë


  • ashlyn b.
    ashlyn b.Ditë më parë

    I'm looking for what he says at the end

  • Nunu Nana
    Nunu NanaDitë më parë

    Songs good but the vid chile🤣

  • Min Noah
    Min NoahDitë më parë

    2019 Riding 🐎 🐎 2021 Riding 😈 👿 Me jst 🤣🤣

  • Adam The rat child
    Adam The rat childDitë më parë

    Lil nas X made me think I was drunk ,high ,on weed, snorted 1kg of cocaine all at once just by 1 song

  • Broderic Kartholl
    Broderic KarthollDitë më parë

    I can see this song as fighting personal demons. Motivational "thumbs up".

  • the mysterious man 101
    the mysterious man 101Ditë më parë

    This is the most disgusting thing IV heard this year besides WAP.

  • the mysterious man 101

    the mysterious man 101

    19 orë më parë

    @Kriti Sharma he's disappointed in everyone, no one can meet his standards but he understands that, and he accepts everyone anyways all you have to do is accept him back and to just see people just say fuck you and give him the middle finger pisses me the fuck off he died for you and everything you have done so you could live with him peacefully in heaven and you fucking repay him by twerking on Satans lap...what the fuck are we doing were going in thr wrong direction and everyone just keeps pressing the gas without a second thought. I'm trying my best to steer people in the right direction but every time I do I get brushed off, it just scares me that I may not see some of my friends in heaven with me, it honestly brings me to tears sometimes all I want to do is help but no one cares amd they do stuff like this, I just don't understand it anymore....what happened.

  • Kriti Sharma

    Kriti Sharma

    20 orë më parë

    @the mysterious man 101 Bruh. I am sure Jesus must be disappointed in you.

  • the mysterious man 101

    the mysterious man 101

    Ditë më parë

    @Bārb on Yøur Zonē this song is promoting nothing but sin, anyone who enjoys this don't have enough Jesus in there life, y'all heading down the wrong path at full speed and dont see a problem that's what's wrong.

  • Bārb on Yøur Zonē

    Bārb on Yøur Zonē

    Ditë më parë


  • Sy sveta 7
    Sy sveta 72 ditë më parë

    Раша рулит!

  • Raisha Namira
    Raisha Namira2 ditë më parë


  • Piotrek Niedzwiecki
    Piotrek Niedzwiecki2 ditë më parë

    Guys I think Lil Nas may be gay

  • Milky Amnt
    Milky Amnt2 ditë më parë

    whats the last part after 2:11

  • WeadjeYT
    WeadjeYT2 ditë më parë

    The Song not bad at all it’s jus the music video is very disturbing

  • Dyeped Lyrics
    Dyeped Lyrics2 ditë më parë

    how is this dude making vidoes without copyrigth issue huh

  • Alexis Flores
    Alexis Flores2 ditë më parë

    Sounds like fast and furious doing a hardcore mission through Mexico getting chased by cops or helicopters

  • Soni Ayush
    Soni Ayush2 ditë më parë

    This song is an antichrist song

  • Jhon Stephen Lugay
    Jhon Stephen Lugay2 ditë më parë

    Best song ever!

  • Eruma Javad
    Eruma Javad2 ditë më parë

    Lil nas .😈satanik

  • Samuel Rostas
    Samuel Rostas2 ditë më parë

    Bro the lyrics at 1:10

  • Tutu Kawash
    Tutu Kawash2 ditë më parë


  • Lofi Beats
    Lofi Beats2 ditë më parë

    I love this especially my surname is Montero

  • Jason Cabral
    Jason Cabral2 ditë më parë


  • Ohfuck I lost my chicken nugget
    Ohfuck I lost my chicken nugget2 ditë më parë

    Holy shit I didnt even realize how gay this song is until I read the lyrics- I had them all wrong pls😭😭

  • Oneil Simpson
    Oneil Simpson2 ditë më parë


  • immortalitea
    immortalitea2 ditë më parë


  • Helen Dock
    Helen Dock2 ditë më parë

    Call me what u want hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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