IF SWEET FOOD WERE PEOPLE! Relatable Situations With Candy And Other Food by Crafty Panda

Hey there, foodie Pandas! Have you ever wondered what our food thinks and how it feels? Fizzy drinks damaging your teeth? Not a problem, we have Miss Chewing Gum to kick the bad guys out of your mouth! How does a french fry feel being dipped in ketchup? Or a steak being massaged? Let’s keep watching and find out! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more awkward moments \u0026 relatable situations by Crafty Panda!

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Coffee Vs Gum
M\u0026m's Bag
Gum On A Shoe
Food In Teeth
Fries In Ketchup
Steak Being Prepared
Veggies On A Dancefloor
Seducing Chocolate
Marshmallow In Cocoa
Boiling Vegetables
Croissant In The Oven
Food In The Fridge
Pizza Dress

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