Måneskin - Zitti E Buoni - Italy 🇮🇹 - Grand Final - Eurovision 2021

Måneskin represented Italy at the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Zitti E Buoni
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  • Eurovision Song Contest
    Eurovision Song Contest24 ditë më parë

    Read more about Måneskin here: eurovision.tv/participant/maneskin-2021

  • Αρβανιτάκη Βιολέτα

    Αρβανιτάκη Βιολέτα

    12 orë më parë

    @CIA Central intelligence agency το ξέρω τι θα συμβεί και στην δεύτερη του και το δεύτερο σήμα και αυτά τα παιδιά της ηλικίας της είναι το πιο γλυκό και να το κάνει και η νίκη κατάλαβε τι ώρα κλείνουν όλα όσα συμβαίνουν

  • Asya Afaunova

    Asya Afaunova

    13 orë më parë


  • Murir Baram

    Murir Baram

    20 orë më parë

    @Gifh Gjfg gtz

  • Sofi Sofija

    Sofi Sofija

    21 orë më parë

    @CIA Central intelligence agency ❤️

  • Sofi Sofija

    Sofi Sofija

    21 orë më parë

    @CIA Central intelligence agency ❤️💖💗💝

  • Ayşenurrss
    Ayşenurrss6 minuta më parë


  • sivan acikbas
    sivan acikbas14 minuta më parë

    Manga nasıl kazanamadi ya

  • кошечка Lyna
    кошечка Lyna31 minutë më parë


  • mariaeus ch
    mariaeus ch38 minuta më parë


  • Seher Soysal
    Seher Soysal47 minuta më parë

    If this song won, Manga would definitely win. please come back Manga

  • ALYS
    ALYS49 minuta më parë

    Raga spaccate🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🔝

  • Jakob Spang
    Jakob Spang56 minuta më parë

    My understanding: 0% My favorite song: 100%

  • Tyra Eriksson
    Tyra ErikssonOrë më parë

    0:35 like it

  • Black Star ASMR
    Black Star ASMROrë më parë

    Das nennt man wohl Überrollen der Konkurrenz mit Perfektion.

  • Thuur van der Meij | LLN
    Thuur van der Meij | LLNOrë më parë

    beetje gay is oke ciao ciao ciao

  • eagle99aq
    eagle99aqOrë më parë


  • laura Lindqvist
    laura LindqvistOrë më parë

    Wauuu italy ♥♥

  • Lidija Marković
    Lidija MarkovićOrë më parë

    Beautiful. This song...

  • excinereresurgo
    excinereresurgoOrë më parë

    Victoria pare sempre debba cadere da un momento all'altro.

  • переписки
    переписки2 orë më parë

    Классно,но по-моему меня обозвали

  • I love YouTube
    I love YouTube2 orë më parë

    Ahhh mi piace così tanto ma i miei gentitori dicono che questo non è una canzone 🥲

  • Машик Polish
    Машик Polish2 orë më parë

    А под комбез нельзя было что то одеть ? Шо он раком пляшет , ну песня прикольная

  • Natalia
    Natalia2 orë më parë

    3 weeks after the grand finale and still on trends in Greece!🇬🇷🔥🇮🇹🔝

  • Kesha .B
    Kesha .B2 orë më parë

    My heart... Idk whether I'm extremely unsettled by the fact that I won't ever be like this or that I won't ever meet someone like this. BOTH OF THE THOUGHTS ARE UNCOMFORTING

  • Mery Said
    Mery Said2 orë më parë

    Why does the singer look like vampire

  • Adnan Durak
    Adnan Durak3 orë më parë

    maNga nasıl 1. olamadı la

  • szewei1985
    szewei19853 orë më parë

    haha deng. they will give SCORPIONS a run 4 their money.

  • TvoyKrash86
    TvoyKrash863 orë më parë

    Капец красиво

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy3 orë më parë

    Basically everyone during their performance: "I'm not going to spend more money this week." Camera zooms on Damiano Alright here we go

  • Andrey Lindholm
    Andrey Lindholm3 orë më parë

    That's much, much better than Manizha's trash. Great job, Italy!

  • Napcan ki adımı ?
    Napcan ki adımı ?4 orë më parë


  • zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy

    3 orë më parë

    my nation. Yeah, I’m italian and proud of them 🥺

  • Mila Sharudin
    Mila Sharudin5 orë më parë

    They only 22, 21 and 20 y/o thoo😭

  • muhSabri Yunus
    muhSabri Yunus5 orë më parë

    i hope they can create many song in english

  • Nati Lévano
    Nati Lévano6 orë më parë

    I literally discovered the band yesterday, I’m obsessed now

  • Fernando Yamaguchi
    Fernando Yamaguchi6 orë më parë

    It is only me or all that Italy - France drama reminded me of World Cup 2006 final? Also, for me Italy in recent years at Eurovision looks like the Azzurri: when they are "dark horses", they win. Before the rehearsals, nobody would have guessed Maneskin would win as it was something very different from what Italy was sending to the ESC.

  • Joaquin Suárez
    Joaquin Suárez6 orë më parë

    Grande Miguel quintana

  • Cecilia Ababio
    Cecilia Ababio7 orë më parë

    Freddie Mercury would be proud

  • Ciaran Cx
    Ciaran Cx7 orë më parë

    I’m one of the lucky non Italians who found Maneskin early, been loving them and their music since 2018 and I’m so happy they’re now getting the recognition they deserve. Italian music is great and I hope now the world can appreciate it, enough of English music!

  • Samsung J2 Core
    Samsung J2 Core8 orë më parë

    Meu,irmão, os caras é pé na porta!!!parabéns!

  • Ouassim Hallitou
    Ouassim Hallitou8 orë më parë

    I get Need for Speed vibes… anyone else too?

  • Ricardo Guimarães
    Ricardo Guimarães9 orë më parë

    This song is the best thing in the universe. Ok, sex is good too.😁

  • Fatih Teoman Kaya
    Fatih Teoman Kaya9 orë më parë

    Like a FIFA song.

  • Дмитрий Бочков
    Дмитрий Бочков9 orë më parë

    Они на Евровидении звучат лучше чем на студийке... Просто перепел себя...

  • Арина


    5 minuta më parë

    Ну да там же стараться надо

  • Angeliki Tompoulidou
    Angeliki Tompoulidou9 orë më parë


  • The Appreciator
    The Appreciator9 orë më parë

    2:24 omg this bit is amazing

  • Greta Gigli
    Greta Gigli9 orë më parë

    La loro vittoria è stata una bella botta per i bigotti che li criticavano durante Sanremo. Un altro motivo per andarne fieri 😊 Their victory was a severe blow to the bigoted people of my nation. Yeah, I’m italian and proud of them 🥺

  • Andrea Cigala
    Andrea Cigala9 orë më parë

    I don't understand how these kids who are barely 20 years old can have such a strong stage presence

  • Moshingmary 1972
    Moshingmary 19729 orë më parë

    The more I listen, the more I love it ❤️🇬🇧

    ITA LIANO9 orë më parë

    Porca puttena se sono forti

  • Sabino Rinelli
    Sabino Rinelli10 orë më parë

    WoW. This is Italy after the Lockdown. .People got the messagge and went crazy for Them. The Scream for Freedom !!! This video Will be a Milestone in the history of Eurovision and Rock'nRoll. Simply Perfect and sincere talents at their best . Like a fresh shower after a desert tour or a warm Bath after a North Pole touring. Simply Back To The starry Sky. Real music playd with real instruments from the best old school at Last.

  • Mark
    Mark10 orë më parë

    dont even like this song, but its catchy.

  • Lou
    Lou10 orë më parë


  • max ros

    max ros

    9 orë më parë

    lol me too😅

  • Diana Aubrey
    Diana Aubrey10 orë më parë

    This is about the 200th time I am watching this

  • Masa Slavikovic
    Masa Slavikovic10 orë më parë

    *How does it keep getting better?*

  • Hashtagsandtapas
    Hashtagsandtapas10 orë më parë

    Have you seen the reaction as they are touring in the Netherlands today 😭🤩

  • l dia
    l dia11 orë më parë

    The instruments were live as well? Just wondering! cool performance

  • Gianni N.

    Gianni N.

    9 orë më parë

    No instruments or background vocals are live in Eurovision, only lead vocal.

  • Isabella Bäckström Jonson Mö3b
    Isabella Bäckström Jonson Mö3b11 orë më parë

    its rock

  • Of Dragons and Books
    Of Dragons and Books11 orë më parë

    God the beginning never gets old. Still feel completely flustered by the performance, amazing Song and Band

  • Tharanga Rajapaksha
    Tharanga Rajapaksha11 orë më parë


  • Iveta L
    Iveta L11 orë më parë

    Never before have I watched a Eurovision winner so many times

  • ースエイプアグストキ
    ースエイプアグストキ11 orë më parë

    Песня крутая,но не чувствуется в голосе страсть и энергия.Чувство,будто он спел,чтобы от него отстали.

  • Eugenia Lappies

    Eugenia Lappies

    3 orë më parë


  • Sofia Ftits

    Sofia Ftits

    4 orë më parë


  • Grande Lento
    Grande Lento11 orë më parë

    Sì, ma intanto ITALEXIT🇮🇹👋🇪🇺

  • max ros

    max ros

    8 orë më parë

    ma che dici? sei fuori di testa?

  • Giannos Georgiou
    Giannos Georgiou11 orë më parë

    Λίγο καλο

  • Madalina Mihailescu
    Madalina Mihailescu11 orë më parë

    Damiano is 22 years old, say whaaaaat?

  • Giovanni Carpasio
    Giovanni Carpasio11 orë më parë

    Barbara pravi🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Nigar Cabarova
    Nigar Cabarova11 orë më parë

    охренеть просто одно удовольствие от их выступления

  • Alassanne Diop
    Alassanne Diop11 orë më parë

    Tu es nul tu pues

  • Matteo Pesce
    Matteo Pesce12 orë më parë

    The Roman Empire is back at full force!!!

  • gekid aka Gregory
    gekid aka Gregory12 orë më parë

    I don't think they are really playing on guitar here, but dude... I wish, I could play and move my body at the same time

  • Sofia Ftits

    Sofia Ftits

    3 orë më parë

    Of course the instruments are recorded. Otherwise, they would not have time to adjust. These are the Eurovision rules.

  • mahnoor iqbal
    mahnoor iqbal12 orë më parë

    I can't stop watching this

  • GAME B
    GAME B12 orë më parë

    Жду что кто то русский на итальянском напишет "чувствую себя итальянским парнем, я русская женщина"

  • Anastasia Rrançi Bello
    Anastasia Rrançi Bello12 orë më parë

    The best

  • Francesco Morelli
    Francesco Morelli12 orë më parë

    Grande Italia (big Italy)🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • Matteo Parodi

    Matteo Parodi

    12 orë më parë

    pssssst... 😉 metti great al posto di big, Great è il grande che vuoi dire tu, big invece è per dire che il territorio è molto vasto e già solo la vicina Francia in questo ci batte... non diamogli appigli 😄

  • Lydia Grace
    Lydia Grace12 orë më parë

    Most deserved win ever, cannot wait to see them get all the success this will give them, can’t believe it took fuckin Eurovision for most of us to discover them. They are raw natural performers, the real deal of rock n roll

  • Adəm İbayev
    Adəm İbayev12 orë më parë


  • Adəm İbayev
    Adəm İbayev12 orë më parë

    l LOVE ITALY 🇮🇹

  • Ernestas Žiaukas
    Ernestas Žiaukas12 orë më parë

    Nuostabu vau

  • Alma De boer
    Alma De boer12 orë më parë

    I love it

  • Valera
    Valera12 orë më parë

    5 раз пересматриваю и не пойму за что там первое место Я ХЗ...

  • Sofia Ftits

    Sofia Ftits

    26 minuta më parë

    @Valera И все положительные реакции проплатили, и лайки, и кучу комментариев, ага. Политика в конкурсе присутствует, но победили те, кто больше понравился зрителям. У жюри на четвёртом месте, зрительские голоса - первое. Украина по зрителям на втором. И это тоже отражает действительность (те же положительные реакции). А жюри как всегда воду мутят, но голоса людей в этот раз отстояли своё.

  • Valera


    37 minuta më parë

    @Sofia Ftits Я считаю что ервовидиние купленное заполитизированое, и та песня" никакая"

  • Sofia Ftits

    Sofia Ftits

    Orë më parë

    @Valera Ничего смешного тут нет.

  • Valera


    Orë më parë

    @Sofia Ftits 🤣🤣

  • Sofia Ftits

    Sofia Ftits

    3 orë më parë

    Голос, харизма, запоминающееся выступление? А звучание может не всем нравиться, у всех разные вкусы. Считаю, что в этот раз Евровидение справилось со своей задачей и открыло миру новых исполнителей, у которых за плечами не только одна песня. И выступления у них разноплановые, как и песни, иногда даже в классических костюмах выступают.

  • MyticDakapro
    MyticDakapro12 orë më parë

    For sum reason this feels like German to me xD

  • szewei1985


    3 orë më parë

    haha it does have SCORPIONS vibe inside xD

  • David
    David12 orë më parë

    If he only didnt breath at the mic in the first part of the song it would be perfect

  • Matteo Parodi

    Matteo Parodi

    12 orë më parë

    breathing at the mic is Rock! 😁

  • Fra Ppè
    Fra Ppè12 orë më parë

    EMMA's BEST OF ME CD (autographed) out on June 25th can be found in PRE-ORDER on AMAZON !!! 📀💚📀💜📀 ♥ ️📀 Let's remember that music is collectible art, you buy it as well as being listened to in streaming.

  • Simple Danyal
    Simple Danyal13 orë më parë


  • Mystical Technique
    Mystical Technique13 orë më parë

    You are fresh and original🖤

  • Egle Stankeviciute
    Egle Stankeviciute13 orë më parë

    I don't understand, why I don't hear this song so often on the radio? Sometimes only one time per day on the Nederlands radio stations... Before winner song you always can hear many times per day and now...? WTF ? Is it the same situation in another countries ?

  • Giorgio scano

    Giorgio scano

    5 orë më parë

    these days is climbing the English charts 'i wanna be your slave' more catchy and less 'noisy' ps. you will never hear Rock songs in high rotation radio and there are certain reasons, any pop rap trap song you can start listening to already started, while you change station, because they are also packaged for this purpose, are easily digestible and have 'tame' sounds

    REYOS13 orë më parë

    Is perfect!!!!

  • suleyman abdulhemidov
    suleyman abdulhemidov13 orë më parë

    ma ma mata hari azerbaijan👑💪❤🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • khadijah aiysah
    khadijah aiysah13 orë më parë

    i dont understand whats the good of this song...giving me headache

  • Giorgio scano

    Giorgio scano

    5 orë më parë

    It is probably a musical genre that you do not appreciate, in reality there is nothing that should serve, for example, I cannot stand Arabic music and the like, for me it is like a syringe in the brain, it is a strident and rhythmless dirge, which I don't understand and can't hear for more than 20 seconds, but I accept the fact that certainly others like it a lot, so that's just fine

  • Gex Gex
    Gex Gex13 orë më parë

    I 90.000 dislikes sono dei francesi

  • Matteo Parodi

    Matteo Parodi

    12 orë më parë

    anche di una manciatina di bielorussi 😁

  • Игорь Осташов
    Игорь Осташов13 orë më parë


  • Naël Bois
    Naël Bois13 orë më parë

    ITALIE 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 💚🤍❤ 💚🤍❤ 💚🤍❤ ITALIE 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 💚🤍❤ 💚🤍❤ 💚🤍❤

  • Anna Kotso
    Anna Kotso13 orë më parë

    I love it !That's all I have to say❤❤❤

  • Walsh
    Walsh13 orë më parë

    This guy could maybe sing some Linkin Park songs.. Needs to try !

  • Giorgio scano

    Giorgio scano

    5 orë më parë

    I don't know, but one thing is certain, this group increases the attention towards the rock that was unjustly dusty, and it's a good thing I hope everyone's desire to churn out new songs comes back

  • dangi79


    12 orë më parë

    There are the Finnish guys for this

  • David


    12 orë më parë

    Nah nobody can sing them exept Chester

  • Andreja
    Andreja13 orë më parë

    They are Sokrates, Galileo Galilei, Einstein, Tesla, Mozart, Neil Armstrong, Claude Monet, Picasso, Armani and Gucci,...in music. David sings with his whole body. He made music 3 dimensionals. Listening him is seeing music in colors, in dimensions,.. "live music"... Freddie Mercury, Amy Winehouse, David Bowie.. are jumping till starrs in heavens listening this 4 young people who ROCK THE WORLD.... New idoles of world. Starrs for ever. Thank you to your parents to born you. Greetings and hugs from Ljubljana. Rock will never die🤩❤️🤩❤️🤩

  • Fred Weasley
    Fred Weasley13 orë më parë

    How is it that my dumbass never knew that they sang beggin

  • Andreja
    Andreja13 orë më parë

    May i adopt you all of 4? Mom from Ljubljana🤗❤️🤗❤️🤗❤️🤗❤️

  • Emi Hadj
    Emi Hadj14 orë më parë

    nice song

  • Damiano-Måneskin
    Damiano-Måneskin14 orë më parë

    Me singing this not having a clue what it actually means: My Italian teacher: 😳💀

  • Mondi
    Mondi14 orë më parë

    Ну лучше чем у нас

  • Taaabox
    Taaabox14 orë më parë

    Nunca me a llamado la atención este género de este género musical, pero esto me parece magnífico

  • moon_tpwk


    12 orë më parë


  • Petra-Aleksandra Baic
    Petra-Aleksandra Baic14 orë më parë

    I love this song❤️🥰and maneskin too❤️🥰

  • mati fuentes
    mati fuentes14 orë më parë

    Bro i dont understand a word but daaaamn, these guys rock

  • Massimo Landoni

    Massimo Landoni

    9 orë më parë

    Hi! Here is a translation, as literal a I can They don’t know what I’m talking about Dirty clothes bro, muddy Sigarette yellow stained fingers Me with a sigarette, walking Sorry but I believe so hard That I can make this jump And even thug the road is rising That’s why I’m training now. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen Actors out You’d better no make mistakes anymore You’d better be silent and quiet Here people are strange, like pushes Too many nights I was locked outside Now I’m kicking these doors Glance up, like climbers So sorry mum that I’m always outside, but I’m out of my mind, but different from them And you’re out of your mind, but different from them We’re out of our minds, but different from them We’re out of our minds, but different from them I wrote pages and pages, saw salt and then tears These men in a car who didn’t climb the rapids I wrote on a grave “In my house there’s no God” But if you find the meaning of time you’ll rise up from your oblivion And there’s no wind that can stop the natural power From the right point of view you’ll feel the exstasy of wind With wax wings on my back I’ll look for that height If you wanna stop me try again, try beheading me because I’m out of my mind, but different from them And you’re out of your mind, but different from them We’re out of our minds, but different from them We’re out of our minds, but different from them Speak, people unfortunately speak They don’t know what they’re speaking about Take me where I can float ‘Cos here I cannot breath Speak, people unfortunately speak They don’t know what they’re speaking about Take me where I can float ‘Cos here I cannot breath Speak, people unfortunately speak They don’t know what they’re speaking about Take me where I can float ‘Cos here I cannot breath But I’m out of my mind, but different from them And you’re out of your mind, but different from them We’re out of our minds, but different from them We’re out of our minds, but different from them We are different from them.

  • Martin Andersen
    Martin Andersen14 orë më parë

    On that day history was made

  • tano 246
    tano 24614 orë më parë


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