*NEW* Fortnite SEASON 7 Event - EVERYTHING WE KNOW SO FAR! (Godzilla Leaked!)

🎬 NEW update Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 and map Changes update! In this video we look at the *NEW* Fortnite SEASON 7 Event - EVERYTHING WE KNOW SO FAR! (Godzilla Leaked!) These Fortnite locations are changing. Watch *NEW* Fortnite SEASON 7 Event - EVERYTHING WE KNOW SO FAR! (Godzilla Leaked!) and see if we can uncover the Season 5 Update Easter eggs and map update changes for season 5 trailer gameplay, easter eggs, trailer for season 5 Chapter 2 in Fortnite!

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  • Gabriel Vigil
    Gabriel Vigil3 ditë më parë


  • God of games God
    God of games God4 ditë më parë

    Why do you guys lie there’s so many people lying about fortnight just tell the truth and you might get more subscribers and you’re saying that Godzilla is going to take the zero point just because the movie came out doesn’t mean going to add him to fortnight and then they never did it’s alien season

  • William Henriquez
    William Henriquez5 ditë më parë

    Wow I knew it I found out I’m the fortnite creators friend he got it right there is a Godzilla vs kong event there’s gonna be king pick axe and Godzilla skin

  • Mary Jo Arrighi
    Mary Jo Arrighi5 ditë më parë


  • Kajui king
    Kajui king5 ditë më parë

    Great now fortnite fans are gonna think fortnite made godzilla.....

  • SirG
    SirG6 ditë më parë

    this better be true

  • Julissa Caraballo
    Julissa Caraballo7 ditë më parë

    Isn’t that the alien season

  • LazerHyprekTheDemon
    LazerHyprekTheDemon7 ditë më parë

    Lair its aliens

  • Freddy and Endo1
    Freddy and Endo18 ditë më parë

    Chapter 2 season seven I have a vent was about aliens it was not about Godzilla why did you actually play the game

  • pro baguette
    pro baguette9 ditë më parë

    First video of ever watched of your dumb videos and by the way stop the blurring

  • Shylee Abbey
    Shylee Abbey10 ditë më parë

    Shut up

  • Frank Jaggard
    Frank Jaggard10 ditë më parë

    Won if that robot is king Kong and that green monster is godzila

  • godzillajames200
    godzillajames20010 ditë më parë

    I highly doubt Godzilla is coming to fortnite lol

  • Mohammad Wahidul Haque
    Mohammad Wahidul Haque11 ditë më parë

    I want fortnite to godzilla Kong and other monsters from king of the monsters and godzilla vs kong

  • Martin Lassesen
    Martin Lassesen11 ditë më parë

    You know those movies makes years to make, i Mean, godzilla 2 had test scenes from 2016,and this movie was probably in the works very early on, so i dont think they stole it from fortnite, and atomic breath has existed before you was born, stop being like those Kids that think everything in fortnite is original

  • e 1243
    e 124312 ditë më parë

    I don't know Godzilla was fucking tower's

  • Napoleon Foster
    Napoleon Foster13 ditë më parë

    Hey dude my dad's don't remember this game so actually Godzilla versus King Kong not going to happen it's actually going to be one of the seven and jonesy but Jones is going to bring back one of the seven and that dude is actually going to bring up a tower to unlock the whatever it is my dad didn't tell me about it but still and it's season 7 and he told me that might be aliens but for now aliens will pick you up but it will be random it will come at chance that you will get it but yeah still I'm a big fan

  • David Parascand
    David Parascand13 ditë më parë

    This guy a scammer

  • Freddy_ Fazbear_Animations126
    Freddy_ Fazbear_Animations12614 ditë më parë

    We need godzilla in fortnite.

  • Sean Harris
    Sean Harris14 ditë më parë

    Ok thanks to the internet is a very nice to Uejris

  • Sean Harris
    Sean Harris14 ditë më parë

    Kids you have to be

  • Diana Palma
    Diana Palma14 ditë më parë

    Beast boy the animals

  • Izak Lovec
    Izak Lovec14 ditë më parë

    Godzilla vs kingdhorah

  • Alfie Morris
    Alfie Morris16 ditë më parë

    Are you Ali a

  • Bingus1234 Bingus
    Bingus1234 Bingus17 ditë më parë


  • Bingus1234 Bingus
    Bingus1234 Bingus17 ditë më parë

    Not going to happen

  • phrog Gamer
    phrog Gamer17 ditë më parë

    There are only two giants

  • phrog Gamer
    phrog Gamer17 ditë më parë

    And they didn't steal, it it just a similar scene

  • phrog Gamer
    phrog Gamer17 ditë më parë

    Godzilla was made before fortnite

  • Gabriel Yohan Palomo
    Gabriel Yohan Palomo18 ditë më parë

    Ok Much Better than every event for godzilla vs kong fans

  • Carlos Derek Anches
    Carlos Derek Anches18 ditë më parë

    How did you got that new skin

  • Eugenio Martinez
    Eugenio Martinez18 ditë më parë

    Are. Freel. This. Time

  • Eugenio Martinez
    Eugenio Martinez18 ditë më parë

    .Are. You. Not. Laing

  • Micheal Gorey
    Micheal Gorey19 ditë më parë

    Cause I would be really cool

  • Micheal Gorey
    Micheal Gorey19 ditë më parë

    Is Godzilla actually in season 7

  • Mode Meliodas
    Mode Meliodas19 ditë më parë

    Leave a comment to does know about godzilla I know all about him and kong

  • Gerard Owners Management
    Gerard Owners Management20 ditë më parë

    I don’t think Godzilla versus Kong will be in Fortnite because the robot versus the monster was years ago so how will they steal it from gvk

  • Carter Dagnall
    Carter Dagnall20 ditë më parë


  • กฤชกมล นานอก
    กฤชกมล นานอก20 ditë më parë

    The poler peak monster is basically godzilla because atomic breath can swim in water

  • the egy knucklehead is here
    the egy knucklehead is here21 ditë më parë

    There might be a alien event cuz fornite said it them self

  • Malachaí Shannon
    Malachaí Shannon22 ditë më parë

    Yeah I know these are fake videos but I just want some fun

  • T C

    T C

    22 ditë më parë

    Ya same here

  • h hh
    h hh22 ditë më parë

    I Love Godzilla

  • Chris Mercer
    Chris Mercer22 ditë më parë


  • Jayden Holliday
    Jayden Holliday23 ditë më parë

    if thats true we have three monsters coming mechagodzilla godzilla king kong

  • Melissa Wallis
    Melissa Wallis23 ditë më parë

    I think I might know what’s gonna happen this season

  • Nicholas Skinner
    Nicholas Skinner24 ditë më parë

    Fake fake

  • Landon Shinn
    Landon Shinn24 ditë më parë

    What if the robot comes

  • Eleazar Echeverria
    Eleazar Echeverria24 ditë më parë

    My username is llama_gallito1

  • whitty
    whitty24 ditë më parë

    godzilla should be saving the zero point

  • whitty
    whitty24 ditë më parë

    i actually did watch godzilla vs kong

  • Manal Mahmoud
    Manal Mahmoud24 ditë më parë


  • Bentley Cross
    Bentley Cross24 ditë më parë

    I would love to have a Godzilla vs. King Kong

  • Gavin Buckley
    Gavin Buckley25 ditë më parë

    This is so cap

  • Gavin Buckley
    Gavin Buckley25 ditë më parë


  • Blue Shadow
    Blue Shadow25 ditë më parë

    Bro these are click bait videos go Godzilla is not gonna be in season seven it’s fortnight like for crying out loud

  • bee boys
    bee boys25 ditë më parë

    they didnt steal the iconic moment because its a cool thing that lots of movys do.

    NIXON229 GAMING26 ditë më parë


    EL LEO LIBROS FANDUBS26 ditë më parë

    The picture look Like Godzilla F*king the Zero Point xd.

  • Maribel Gonzales
    Maribel Gonzales27 ditë më parë

    In 5:39 he is entering god mode

  • Maribel Gonzales
    Maribel Gonzales27 ditë më parë

    It's not from Godzilla it's from Pacific Rim the movie

  • Gavin Bains
    Gavin Bains28 ditë më parë

    I want to see a Godzilla vs monster event ( monster in monster v robot event )

  • eliez106
    eliez10628 ditë më parë

    Ok, just because both scenes look similar, doesn’t mean that the part in Godzilla vs. Kong was based off of Fortnite season X! Ok?

  • alistair hack
    alistair hack28 ditë më parë

    But not for good I hope but probably not

  • alistair hack
    alistair hack28 ditë më parë

    I think the clock is ticking down to the time when mechagodzilla will appear out of that weird lab that the giant robot was in and King Kong and Godzilla will team up and take him down or it means that when it hits zero burning Godzilla will appear no Kong though and it will use its burning radiation wave and destroy all of fortnite

  • Keyauna Dock
    Keyauna Dock29 ditë më parë

    King Collins is going to win

  • Zachary Green
    Zachary Green29 ditë më parë

    This guy much have so many bots for subscribers lol

    FAWAZ ALSAYEGH29 ditë më parë

    Season six coming to an end

  • Battle9cjn
    Battle9cjnMuaj më parë

    Why do you sound like another ALbothr I watch

  • Agent Jonesey
    Agent JoneseyMuaj më parë

    Click bait

  • Enny Monica
    Enny MonicaMuaj më parë

    İ hope this is real

  • Daniel du Plessis
    Daniel du PlessisMuaj më parë

    This doesent make any sence it already happend?

  • cheruiyot peter
    cheruiyot peterMuaj më parë

    This is cap

  • Rommel Gameplay’s
    Rommel Gameplay’sMuaj më parë

    No king kong vs godzilla is just a remake and learn to say fortnite no fortsnite

  • Amjad Kaddoura
    Amjad KaddouraMuaj më parë

    Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake

  • James Angelo Lachica
    James Angelo LachicaMuaj më parë

    Godzilla has Nexus energy lol

  • Gingey Gingerson
    Gingey GingersonMuaj më parë

    Godzilla Really Likes The Spire in the thumbnail LMFAO

  • Logan Stevenson
    Logan StevensonMuaj më parë

    I have been using this app to get fortnit Godzilla and ckong

  • 3A Display
    3A DisplayMuaj më parë

    not jou

  • Cristino Hernandez
    Cristino HernandezMuaj më parë

    I love godzilla

  • Evil ssundee
    Evil ssundeeMuaj më parë

    Napa: Vegeta how much clickbait is in this video Vegeta: it's over 9,000! Napa: what over 9000 that's impossible

  • Seppe De vriesere
    Seppe De vriesereMuaj më parë

    Godzilla sus on the tumbnail

  • GamerRoyale
    GamerRoyaleMuaj më parë

    Yo long time no seen!!! Continued watching you because you have come on the home page on ALboth!!

  • Cook with Nithi
    Cook with NithiMuaj më parë

    You are an click bait

  • chickenator
    chickenatorMuaj më parë

    That scene is honestly nothing like the fortnite event in my opinion

  • Tabatha Davis
    Tabatha DavisMuaj më parë

    Godzilla vs. Kong there's make it up so it's possible that the ticking is where Mechagodzilla

  • Cadence King
    Cadence KingMuaj më parë

    To Epic Games: here’s a idea for the chapter 2 season 7 battle pass. The event at the end of chapter 2 season 6 is Godzilla themed. The battle pass on level 1 is Godzilla and level 100 is his glowing blue spikes style. All of the characters should be human in my opinion. Anyway then level 20 is Rodan and his glider on level 22 is his wings. His emote on level 29 makes him very flamed. Level 30 is Ghidorah and his glider on level 33 is his wings and his emote on level 38 is a yellow lightning style. Level 80 is my top favorite and that is Mothra. Her glider on level 81 is her theme music and the others have their theme also. Mothra’s emote will be the same movement as the Glow character. Her back bling is her wings and her emote changes her wings from a cyan glow to a red glow. Level 90 is Godzilla’s theme and level 91 is his blue glowing spikes back bling. Level 99 is a blue flame glider and level 100 is his glowing blue form and his emote on level 100 makes him glow. I recommend this and I’m looking forward to seeing this chapter 2 season 7 battle pass look like this. And how cool they all would look as humans. I really think this is a good idea. And the secret skin is Destroyah. I think my brother would love to see him as a secret skin. And if you don’t know about him or any of this then I recommend watching king of the Monsters movie and google Destroyah. I look forward to this.

  • Cadence King

    Cadence King

    Muaj më parë

    I tried 2 email this but I couldn’t so I just commented it 4 some reason 🙃

  • Seyama Kwag
    Seyama KwagMuaj më parë


  • Thejekerboy
    ThejekerboyMuaj më parë

    This is fake guys

  • IronBatOEIGHT
    IronBatOEIGHTMuaj më parë

    You really want views don’t you saying that godzilla vs King Kong stole that scene

  • Bobbi-Jac Hewings
    Bobbi-Jac HewingsMuaj më parë

    Mecha team leader is inspired by mecha Godzilla please do a video about it

  • Sir Brownie
    Sir BrownieMuaj më parë

    i was playing and i was at dirty docks and i herd some godzilla like roar

  • Karen Craig
    Karen CraigMuaj më parë

    What in the star##### did you say

  • Dora
    DoraMuaj më parë

    Yep Godzilla.

  • Vicky Patterson
    Vicky PattersonMuaj më parë

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  • aleboy 164
    aleboy 164Muaj më parë

    Y all belive that thats cap

  • ink lord
    ink lordMuaj më parë

    I hope this not clickbait

  • manon Trepanier
    manon TrepanierMuaj më parë

    I really want that event to happen!

  • Collin TTV
    Collin TTVMuaj më parë

    I’m not coming to the game because that’s a dumb idea what the hell are you talking about

  • Collin TTV
    Collin TTVMuaj më parë

    I know you lie about everything

  • Jeffrey Mueller

    Jeffrey Mueller

    Muaj më parë

    It’s called a theory for a reason

  • Kyle S
    Kyle SMuaj më parë

    I'm not sure this is real but I'd really like it was

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