GIRLS vs BOYS || NORMAL Student vs PRINCIPAL Son | When your Life is UNFAIR by La La Life Musical


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Bad and Good Students always struggle 👊 Whether you’re NERD or POPULAR in School, there’ll always be someone annoying🤦‍♀️
🍭What if your mother was the principal🤓Let’s imagine, you’re on top in school, you can do anything you want! It's so cool, maybe... 🤭Or not at all?
📚Let's see if everything is as good as it seems at first glance in the NEW EPISODE by La La life Musical!
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00:00 Principal’s son
00:29 Good job!
01:12 Nerd Girl’s fail
01:35 Good Girl vs Bad Guy
02:06 At school cafeteria
02:35 Principal is here
03:20 Silence! Shhh...
03:42 Teacher’s help
04:20 LOL
05:04 You rock it!
05:38 Nerd vs Popular
06:14 Chemistry class
07:02 Busted!
07:46 Nightmare
08:34 Going live
09:40 Can I get answers?
10:29 School party
10:46 You’re suspended!
11:09 Good girl wins
11:40 Life changed
12:38 Nerd girlfriend
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