NEYMAR FALLS IN LOVE with his TEAM MATE.... ( Fortnite Roleplay)



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    Chicky And chicky the best4 ditë më parë

    Ya Ravanger imamgine

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    But its meant to be his sister

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    1:09 más humilde que el bicho no se puede ser ajajaj :^



  • Ogundiran Malik
    Ogundiran Malik24 ditë më parë

    Beautiful love

  • John Barnett
    John Barnett26 ditë më parë

    Why was there a storm in the beginning

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    Damaris Peret28 ditë më parë

    I love there smooch I love it so cute

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    Yoooooo dis is not neymar

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    Gif end had r xbrvdbrd. Ed behest be Che Che Che Che cry bcg cgbdhbygdo

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    lol the thumbnails pretty cute i wished that happened to me

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    Tianna ThornhillMuaj më parë

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